The Glass Slide – Police Story

Jackie Chan’s glass slide stunt from Police Story is one of his most incredible ones – and according to himself also one of his personal favorites. It’s also one of mine (and my guess is it’s on most fans’ list) and it’s spectacular. After chasing the bad guys in a mall – and practically thrashing the place – Jackie spots them three storeys down. Hmm, let’s see – which is the fastest way down? Forget the escalators – Jackie jumps on to a pole, wrapped in twinkling lights, and slides all the way down.

Injuries? Yes. Was it worth it? For me as a fan it certainly was. This movie gets to me every time, and I can barely watch this perilous display. For Jackie? I’m pretty sure it was. After all, he created action movie history and made one of the most risky stunts in all of film history, and what more can a fearless guy like Jackie want?

I often wonder, how he can do these things to himself to entertain others. What goes through his mind before throwing himself on a speeding bus, or into a glass window?

I have no idea. But in these movie stills you can spot a fearless guy who laughs the grim reaper right in the face, and who is determined to do his thing no matter what.

What can I say? Jackie is just the greatest and most awesome action hero of all times.


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