Red Hot Coal – Drunken Master II

Jackie has performed many spectacular stunts in his time and the painful and somewhat disturbing stunt in the final scene in Drunken Master II is one of my all time favorites. Jackie falls onto a bed of red hot coal, crawls all over it and it looks so painful it gives me a headache. And this is where Jackie is different from all other actors. He actually endures pain – for real – for the sake of his fans. Just imagine how difficult all this is – and how difficult these fight scenes are – and perhaps you get at least an idea of what a dedicated entertainer this man is!

Not many actors would go through something like this to entertain their audience. But Jackie isn’t just an ordinary actor. He’s one of a kind. He knows there is nothing more entertaining than the real thing and he’s prepared to give it all to his fans. Crazy? Sure. But also incredibly cool and irresistibly charming…


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