Underdog never gives up – The Young Master

One of Jackie Chan’s wildest fights, particularly from the earlier years, has to be the final in The Young Master. In my opinion it’s one of his most memorable ones, where he really shows off all his energy and incredible eye for choreography. It’s an intense and actually rather uneven fight, where Jackie is the underdog – a part he plays better than anyone. There is nothing quite like this kind of fight, where Jackie is beaten half to dead and finally comes around victorius and, by will and fury alone and this fight is, in its brutality, reminiscent to the final fight scene in Drunken Master II. It’s excellent!

I often wonder what makes him do these things; what’s his driving force? He puts so much job and effort in creating entertaining fight scenes, and he really takes some serious physical abuse doing it. All for the audience – and for art. Because that’s what this is – pure art. Watch it and you’ll enjoy every minute of it!


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