Playground fight – Police Story II

The Police Story movies are among the best action films ever made – and the first of them certainly set the standard for all action movies to come. Unfortunately these movies have been sadly underestimated in the western world, and many people might not even have seen them if it hadn’t been for Jackie Chan’s international career. So while some people claim he sort of “sold out” when he went to Hollywood I think the exact opposite – it opened a door to the Hong Kong cinema for a huge number of film goers!

As for fights no one can do them better than Jackie (no one comes even close, if you ask me); he’s so creative and he never settles with any half measures. And the playground fight in Police Story II is a perfect example of this. I mean – just the environment itself is terrific – a playground. It’s a perfect set for a really wild fight! And wild it is; swift, fast and furious with all the playground items used in a most inventive way. Lots of punches and kicks and some fine slow motion photography as well. So just watch it and enjoy!


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