Ladder fight – Jackie Chan’s First Strike

Anyone who likes a good Jackie Chan fight simply has to love the “ladder fight” in Police Story 4: Jackie Chan’s First Strike. It’s swift, funny and inventive – and props are being used in a really entertaining way, Jackie Chan style.I mean – who else but Jackie Chan can fight with a ladder and make it look graceful? He’s such a wonderful choreographer when it comes to fight scenes that all you can do is just sit back and enjoy yourself!

Btw, ladders are not the only items used in this creative and memorable fight scen. Props are flying everywhere. All the time. Chairs, tables, broomsticks, boex full of paper sheets… Well, you name it. But Jackie has it all under control despite his horrible yellow outfit…

You simply have to see it to fully understand just how brilliant it really is! Don’t miss it!


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