Grand Finale Drunken Style – Drunken Master

Although Jackie Chan has done both faster and more furious fights over the years some of his older fights are definitely memorable. And one that is not to be forgotten is, of course, the grand finale in Drunken Master.

This is the first time the audience meets with the drunken style, that has become so immensely popular among Jackie’s fans. And even though the ending of the sequel is much more spectacular – well, this is where it all started.

Jackie’s opponent is Hwang Jang Lee, a great Korean martial artist, who participated in lots of martial art movies and also played one of the badass guys in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. It’s great fun to see Jang Lee’s tae kwon do against Jackie’s fabulous, and sometimes hilarious, impersonations of the eight drunken immortals – absolutely first-class! This is truly a fight to cherish – just watch the artistic genious at work and enjoy!


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