Factory Fight – Drunken Master II

Picking personal favorites among all the great fights of Jackie Chan is certainly not easy. But the final fight in Drunken Master II is definitely one of mine. It’s so wild, intense and absolutely crazy that it has to be one of the top ten martial art fights ever filmed. I love all of Jackie’s earlier fights but in my opinion this one surpasses them all with its terrific choreography, speed and intensity.

Basically this finale contains three fights. It starts with a remarkably elegant and beautiful scene showing Jackie’s grace and dignity when he confronts a real badass guy who goes after him with a chain.

Then comes the second fight, where Jackie needs to use all his magnificent skills to fight off one guy after another. Which adds up to the grand finale where Jackie is confronted by bad guy Ken Lo. And that’s when all hell breaks lose. Jackie is badly beaten, bashed around and finally pushed onto a bed of hot coal.

Now, that does it for Jackie. Needless to say he’s hurting like hell, but this underdog does not intend to lose. So why not drink some industrial alcohol to make the pain go away and increase the strength? Well, he does just that, and when his enemies are just beginning to start counting he explodes in a furious rage, using drunken boxing like you have never seen before. He is absolutely terrific – the scene is so intense I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. And since words can not really describe it, you’d better watch the movie!


3 responses to “Factory Fight – Drunken Master II

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  3. my fave fight scene ever better than the end fight in the first drunken master 🙂

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