Watching a Jackie Chan fight is just like watching a fine work of art. It’s fun, cool and exciting and you can just feel it in your heart and soul that you’re experiencing something unique. Every move is carefully planned, nothing is left to chance, and the details are exquisite. Great entertainment – and superb artistry!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Jackie Chan fights over the years. Check for regular updates!

Bar Brawl in Project A

Playground fightPolice Story 2

Jackie vs Bradley James Allan – in Gorgeous

Mall fight in Police Story

Ladder and props fight from Police Story 4

Fearless underdog in The Young Master

Grand finale drunken style – from Drunken Master

First encounter with the Jet – Wheels on Meals

Roof top fight from Who Am I

The relentless finale of Dragon Lord

The “necklace fight” from Drunken Master II

The final fight from Drunken Master II – the “factory fight”

The Jet returns in Dragons Forever

The Teahouse fight in Drunken Master II


2 responses to “Fights

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  2. I think my favourite fight would have to be the grand finale in Drunken Master – virtuoso athleticism combined with comedic genius. But there are so many very great fights to chose from Jackie’s career, not just in terms of courage, acrobatic ability but also creative choreography.

    I am not sure if you could include it among his greatest fights, but (as a Jet Li fan) I have a soft spot for the duel in the temple between these 2 in The Forbidden Kingdom. Because American movies have not served either of these 2 artists well my expectations of The Forbidden Kingdom were low upon learning that it would be directed by an American and co-made and co-produced by other yanks. I thought they would muck it up again. But when I saw the film (on DVD, I didn’t bother going to the cinema) I was delighted to see that it owed more to traditional chopsockies than I expected. Maybe the presence of Yuen Wu Ping as choreographer tipped the balance. But the fight between Jet and Jackie in the temple is a lot of fun, and a lovely exercise in style from these 2 veterans.

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