Who Am I?

Who Am I (1998) is a great action flick, with some hilarious comic scenes, some of Jackie Chan’s greatest stunts and fights, (one of them involving a particularly cute dog) and a totally priceless scene where Jackie fights off a couple of thugs – in a pair of traditional Dutch wooden shoes.

After a military assignment going terribly wrong, Jackie Chan finds himself injured and hurt in a South American tribal village, with absolutely no clue who he is. With the help of an inter-continental car racer he finally gets back to USA, where he starts seeking his real identity. But who can he trust? Well, not too many people, that’s for sure. This is a one man’s fight against bad guys who want him dead – and there are many of them!

This movie is full of spectacular action scenes; incredible car chases, seemingly impossible stunts and some fighting scenes that will really take your breath away. This is, by all standards, a classic Jackie Chan movie, that leaves nothing aside where expertise and accuracy is concerned. As Jackie himself has said, there are no special effects in his movies – he himself is the special effect. And this great action movie just goes to show the full meaning of this statement!


4 responses to “Who Am I?

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  4. yes – a very entertaining film.

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