Rumble in the Bronx

Considering the trendsetting movies Jackie Chan has made over the years it seems almost absurd that it took until 1995 before he became a star in the western world. Of course lots of people around the world had already been fans for years but it wasn’t until almost ten years after The Police Story – the best action movie ever made and the mother of all modern action films – that he made his real international breakthrough. And the movie that finally made the world see his special charm and talents was Rumble in the Bronx.

Rumble in the Bronx is a traditional Hong Kong action flick set in a western environment. Keung comes from Hong Kong to stay in his uncle’s flat while uncle Bill (Bill Tung) gets married and goes on a honeymoon. When Bill sells his convenient store to a young Chinese woman (played by wonderful Anita Mui) Keung promises to help her out. It soon turns out the neighborhood is haunted by a gang of thugs – one worse than the other – and Keung finds himself in the middle of it. But the thugs don’t know who they’re messing with; they’re in for some action they never expected!

I simply love this movie. It’s funny, exciting and Jackie Chan is in his most charming mood. I just love it when he is outnumbered like this and manages to fight off a whole bunch of guys! And the action is really innovative; lots of props being used in the fight scenes and a number of nervwrecking stunts with Jackie jumping from one building to another, from shore onto a boat and so on (and with some pretty serious injuries too, which is shown after the movie). It’s no wonder the American audience – and the rest of the those not already fans of HK cinema – finally fell for Jackie Chan!

Rumble in the Bronx didn’t only turn Jackie Chan into a huge star in the USA. It also opened up for a whole new audience to discover the old Hong Kong action movies, and it has definitely made a world of difference for Hong Kong cinema made today. And believe me – it doesn’t get much better than this!


5 responses to “Rumble in the Bronx

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  2. This is a great movie, the first one I ever saw with Jackie Chan. After reading your blog I realise that I’ve missed some great ones so I’m trying to find them on dvd now.

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