Project A II

The first time I saw Project A I was stunned by its fantastic choreography, its comedy and by Jackie Chan’s talent for swift fighting scenes and amazing stunts. The clocktower stunt is among the most amazing stunts ever performed, and you can watch it over and over again and still not understand how he could summon his courage to do it! And I must admit I didn’t think the follow-up could possibly be as entertaining. But in my opinion Project A II is just as good, if not better.

Once again Jackie Chan returns to his popular role as honest cop Dragon Ma – and once again he gets to deal with crime, corruption and violence.

No longer a part of the Coast Guard, Dragon’s been asked to take the reins of a corrupt police district. Wherever he goes, Dragon must work hard to undo the damage rendered by the cops’ previous Superintendent – and he’s got some hard work ahead of him!

In his quest to put the corrupt police away our hero hooks up with a band of revolutionaries as well as with the bloodthirsty pirates who survived their last meeting with Dragon Ma. And the result is a veritable action extravaganza, with an endless number of meticulously choreographed stunts and exhilerating fights – and an unforgettabe scene where our hero finds himself in the need of some really spicy snacks…

Jackie Chan is never as fantastic as when he’s outnumbered and there are a few situations in this film when he’s in really big trouble. But in the end his inventive stunt tricks and fighting skills save him – and make the day for all involved.

Like in Project A Jackie also offers another fine and unforgettable tribute to the old silent film stars; this time he literally brings the house down Buster Keaton style in a thrilling finale!Whatever you do – don’t miss Project A II – it’s a hilarious action comedy with some of Jackie Chan’s most captivating fighting scenes!


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