Police Story

Police  Story (1985) is a  modern classic, that really made Jackie Chan’s reputation as the world’s most daring stunt genious. It’s fun, filled with spectacular action scenes and stunts that make your heart beat faster. It’s safe to say this movie has been the inspiration of almost all American action movies released in the 1980’s, such as Lethal Weapon and Die Hard – and it still makes these American movies seem like children’s flicks. I mean, can you even imagine Bruce Willis jumping onto a bus and holding on with an umbrella? Of course not! But Jackie Chan does. And what more, he thrashes a mall and finally slides down a three storey pole, wrapped in twinkling lights – torturing his body to the limit just for the sake of entertainment. How can you not adore this man?

With all this action going around you might draw the conclusion that Police Story is a thin plotted B-movie. But it’s not. It has a really good story, and the acting is great, so it really captivates the audience from start to end. Jackie Chan is, after all, so much more than just a stunt genious. Between all the fearless stunts and fight scenes he is a warmhearted guy with more charm than most American action stars put together.

Jackie plays a young cop who is truly dedicated to his job. His girlfriend is cute and funny, and he really adores her – but can he help that his job constantly seems to interfere with their relationship? Lots of mishaps and hilarious situations occur – like when Jackie feels the need to redeem his he-man image, not knowing his beloved girlfriend is overhearing it all. Also there is this hysterically funny scene taking place in a court room, with some mixed up tapes. Just watch Jackie’s face – it’s unforgettable!

But although this is the ultimate action comedy it’s not always funny. From time to time it’s quite thrilling, and the story takes a darker path when Jackie gets in some serious trouble. His desperate situation calls for desperate actions. But in the end, our beloved Jackie gets the bad guys as well as his girl back – just as we wanted him to!

Great acting, intelligent directing, a captivating story and spectacular stunts make Police Story one of the best action movies in the history of film.


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