Police Story 2

The first Police Story is one of the most magnificent action movies ever made. But the follow-up is really just as great, and a must see for anyone who is in for some spectacular action.

Police Story 2 picks up right where the first movie ended – and with a stern reprimand for super cop Chan Ka-Kui. Despite his heroic performance in apprehending the bad guys he is degraded to traffic duty.

Constantly being bullied by the low lives from the first film he decides that he and his lovely girlfriend May need a vacation. But fate has something completely different in store for Chan – and vacation will have to wait. Gangland drama soon comes a little close to home for Chan and his girlfriend, and it all ends in a literally explosive grand finale.

Police Story 2 is just as action packed and entertaining as its predecessor – and in some ways it even surpasses it. The plot is more thought-through, and it’s also better filmed with more inventive camera angles and a creative use of handheld cameras.

The stunts are everything you expect from Jackie Chan and so are the fighting scenes; the playground fight in this movie is a real classic by now! And of course Jackie Chan’s super cop is still that likeable, charming guy we learned to love in the first movie. Despite his almost super human abilities he’s in many ways just like one of us. Sure, he can handle any situation – but he goes through hell to do it!

Police Story 2 is entertaining from the first second to the last, and a serious adrenaline rush is a guarantee! It’s smart, swift, funny and exciting and a real joy to watch!


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