Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy may not be one of Jackie Chan’s best movies. It is a Jackie Chan movie though – and directed by Sammo Hung – which means it has its moments of great slapstick comedy (which includes a hilarious scene with Sammo Hung on bicycle) and some really good action.

Which – of course – means it’s a pretty good movie!

Jackie works as a TV chef in Australia and, as the title suggests, he’s a really nice guy, loved by everyone. Well, almost anyway. But that soon changes when he bumps into a news reporter who is onto a gang of vicious drug dealers. Jackie comes to her rescue and saves her from the bad guys. The thing is he accidentally gets possession of an evidence tape that the reporter was carrying. You don’t need to be a genious to understand that the drug dealers want the tape back. Hence, Jackie’s comfortable life is soon to be over. And Mr Nice Guy has to reveal his tough-guy side in order to fend off the gangsters.

If he’s up to it? Take one guess!

As before mentioned this movie isn’t one of Jackie’s best; Sammo Hung has directed better movies than this. Cast is so-so, and Jackie would have been better off with a better co-star, like Maggie Cheung or Anita Mui. But apart from that it’s really entertaining, and the action scenes leave little else to wish for. Lots of excellent fighting (one of them takes place at a building construction ground which guarantees some serious excitement),  lots of destruction, and a grand finale ending that involves a huge truck and some seriously hurt bad guys. Not bad, Jackie – not bad at all!


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