Romance, comedy and lots of great fighting – that’s the short review of Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous. But this is not your over all Jackie Chan film. It’s really more of a romantic love comedy than an action movie. Which is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s more than fine because this is an entertaining, funny and exciting movie.

Bu is a Taiwanese villager who longs for adventure and romance. Although she has a longtime admirer she is hesitating to marry him, and one day she finds a message in a bottle. It’s nothing but a plattotude, but it wakes something in her and she decides to move to Hong Kong, in search for the writer of the message.

She finds him all right. But she doesn’t find that aventurous love she longs for because this guy is not really into women. But Bu stays in Hong Kong, where she eventually runs into a wealthy recycling magnate played C.N. by Jackie Chan.

Well, it’s not really that easy. Lots of plots going on, and it takes some time – and some fighting – before Jackie’s charachter realises his own feelings. And it’s highly entertaining from the beginning to the end.

The famous fight scene in Gorgeous is also one of Jackie’s top fights, in my opinion. It’s elaborate and superbly choreographed. And yes, it’s always wodnerful to see Jackie Chan fight. But he gives a really good performance apart from that as well. And for once the real enemy in his charachters life isn’t an all evil bad guy – but actually himself…


2 responses to “Gorgeous

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  2. I remember the fight scene. It was very good

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