Dragons Forever

Dragons Forever (1988) is a great action flick, filled with comedy and with some tremendous fighting scenes, like one taking place on a boat. The movie ends with one of Jackie Chan’s very best fighting scenes ever – an unforgettable classic starring Jackie and Benny “the Jet”.

A fishery is seeking court action against a local chemical factory for polluting the water. The chemical company hires sleezy hot shot lawyer Jackie to gather information that will discredit the fishery. Jackie brings in two of his friends to help him out, but since these two guys are unaware of eachothers’ actions complications are bound to rise.

When Jackie falls in love with the fishery owners friend things start to get really complicated. And when he and his friends find out that there is something really wicked going on in the chemical factory they finally take a stand.

The comedy in this flick is really on the spot and I really like Jackie acting up as the sleezy lawyer who is much more interested in dating anyone in a skirt than doing a good job. Hilarious!

But one should not forget Jackie’s fellow dragons, Sammo Hung and Biao Yuen – together these three guys master this kind of physical comedy brilliantly; some scenes are absolutely priceless.

The bad guys are really bad – and baddest of them all is of course Benny The Jet. This is the guy Jackie has to fight in the end, and how they both go for it. This is a really classy fight, with lots of props used in the imaginative way that Jackie masters so well – one of his best ever, in my opinion. It’s got absolutely everything you would expect, and it’s brilliantly filmed with lots of well timed slow motion.

So if you’re in for more than just a couple of laughs – and for some first-class kung fu fighting – then you certainly can’t afford to miss out on Dragons Forever!


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  6. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I will definitely catch it one day.

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