Armour of God

Jackie Chan plays the Asian Hawk (a modern Indiana Jones-type adventurer) in this action comedy. He’s called into service to find the Armour of God, a set of armour that was allegedly used by some deity. His motivation is the kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend Rosamund Kwan. Only problem is he has to cooperate with former friend (and ex girl friend’s new boyfriend) to get the job done.

Jackie Chan rocks in this movie, as always. Whenever he’s on screen it’s exciting, exhilerating and absolutely terrific. Like when he takes on a  whole monastery of the evil monks, for instance. And the finale is really something special; it’s nothing but a tremendous show off for Jackie’ talent for swift and fast paced fighting against numerous opponents.

Despite Jackie’s radiant acting and action Armour of God isn’t as good as it could have – and even should have – been. You can blame Jackie’s co actors for that. Most of them are pretty stiff, even wooden, and they hardly add anything but great big yawns to the movie. But Jackie’s performance makes it all worth while, so if you’re a true Jackie Chan fan you don’t wanna miss out on this flick!

This movie is also known for the stunt that almost got Jackie Chan killed.  A seemingly simple jump (by Jackie’s standards, that is) ended with an almost deadly fall that hospitalized him. When the ending outtakes roll they show Jackie being taken away on a stretcher – and even the actual accident. Quite scary – and it makes you realise the magnitude of the risks he’s been taking over the years just to entertain his audience! Impressive, to say the least – and not surpassed by any living actor yet!


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