Armour of God 2: Operation Condor

This not the most politically correct movie I ever saw – but anyone who can ignore that fact will have a truly entertaining experience watching Armour of God II: Operation Condor. The set pieces are among Jackie Chan’s best, including a classic showdown in a wind tunnel. This is Jackie Chan when he’s the most charming, and he’s absolutely enticing!

In this sequel to Armour of God Asian Hawk – or Condor for short – finds himself on the trial of some buried Nazi gold. By his side are three women; one is comedy star Carol Cheng as the map expert who comes along. But nothing goes very smoothly, because Condor doesn’t only have friends – he has some seriously evil enemies as well.

Thus all is set for a journey of some well-choreographed – and extremely entertaining – chaos. There are numerous hand-to-hand combat incidents, some great fighting scenes as well as some really funny slapstick comic scenes.

As acting goes, Jackie is the only one worth paying any attention to. His ability to make any action sequence both funny and exciting at the same time is classic, and goes to show what a genious he really is!


2 responses to “Armour of God 2: Operation Condor

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  2. I recently bought the DVD and saw this film for the first time. I enjyed it very much. As you would expect the action is superb, and I particularly admired the way that Jackie, as director, choreographed a lot of the physical comedy in the film – this was really slick work, with the chaos actually being beautifully timed and staged. While watching this film I kept being reminded of the fact that Jackie cites Buster Keaton as one of his influences.

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