About the blogger and this blog

This blog was started by my beloved sister. I am very sad to say she is no longer with us. All her grown life she was a huge fan of Hong Kong movies in general, and Jackie Chan in particular. He and his work was a very big part of her life and she was determined to help people discover his work. I don’t think there is anyone in our family or circle of friends who haven’t been gifted with a Jackie Chan dvd at one occasion or another. And in time she made at least some of us see what a very special movie genious Jackie Chan is.

My sister will be deeply missed by us all. In her memory I will let the blog live on because I know she would have wanted that.




11 responses to “About the blogger and this blog

  1. Maria, thank you very much for leaving the comment on my blog. I knew that your sister was struggling with serious illness and when she stopped blogging frequently I feared for the worse. I appreciate you letting me know what happened. I am glad that this blog will be kept going. Rita was a fine writer and a skilled and readable wordsmith. The blog is a testament to her discipline, intelligence, insight and perceptiveness.

    I feel that it was a privilege corresponding with Rita. I am also a fan of kung fu movies and she was someone I could rave to when I watched a Jackie Chan movie. She had a warm and friendly online personality and I felt that a comment would always be welcome on her blog.

    When I blog about my favourite kung fu movies I feel that I am essentially writing about myself. While Jackie is a genius and worthy of your sister’s critical attention Rita’s blog reveals a lot about herself as well as his movies. Even though she was seriously ill her blog was always upbeat. I think Jackie Chan’s own courage is a quality that Rita probably resonated with and, in hor own struggle with her illness, had to draw on. In loving and blogging about his flamboyant, creative, and funny movies she was creating a testament to her own mighty love of life and vitality.

    I offer you and all of Rita’s family and friends my most sincere condolences. I hope your current life circumstances offer you the chance to start processing your grief in the best way possible.

    And Rita, where ever you are – Thanks, and Godspeed.

    • Thank you for your kind words about my beloved sister. She was a wonderful person and yes, she always find strength in Jackie Chan’s courage and bravery, and in his movies. As much as she loved her husband and her kids – well, Jackie Chan was probably the love of her life πŸ™‚ I’m glad she got time to start this blog before the end, it brings me much much joy to read it, and it remindes me so much about her!

      God Bless!

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  3. Dear Maria, thank you for informing about what happened, even when these news are very sad… I knew Rita was fighting hard against her serious illness and I hoped so much she would win this fight! My deepest condolences now to you and and all of your family. I came in contact with your sister last year on Twitter and we also had some nice contact via email. Like her I am a dedicated Jackie Chan fan and I always appreciated reading her blog. She had a unique and very nice style of writing. It is very kind of you to keep this blog going on, it is Rita’s legacy… May she rest in peace!

    • Dear Silke, thank you for your comment and for your thoughts. She was a good writer, I agree, and even though I do get sad sometimes when I read her blog I do it anyway because it also gives me a feeling that she’s still here. I know she appreciated getting in touch with you and other Jackie Chan fans.

  4. i thought she didnt want to be friends any more 😦 im sorry i thought she would get better

    • Thank you so much for your comment, and for your support. It means a lot to me and her family. She told me this blog was a way for her to thing of other things than her illness, and she enjoyed getting in touch with you, she told me. But she was very happy to the very end, and she said to me she really felt she had lived a full life. Don’t be sad, Stacey, she wouldn’t have wanted you to be. God Bless!

  5. i missed rita very much now i know the real reason she lost touch with me i am even more sad 😦

  6. I didn’t get a chance to friend Rita..but Dangerous Meredith brought this to my attention by chance. I have been a fan of Jackie Chan and Hong Kong Movies since Bruce Lee in the 70’s. My love for Kung Fu and Hong Kong cinema was resurrected in the 90’s when Rumble In The Bronx hit theaters. I was engaged in practicing Tae Kwon Do at the time..at age 38…i started training. I have since has some injuries and my age is almost that of Jackies now..so it seems i was in my hayday as well as he was. My condolences and my regret i never corresponded with Rita sooner.

    • Thank you for your comment, and sorry for not approving it for such a long time – I don’t log on here very often but I know Rita would have wanted me to check in every now and then.


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