About the blogger and this blog

This blog was started by my beloved sister. I am very sad to say she is no longer with us. All her grown life she was a huge fan of Hong Kong movies in general, and Jackie Chan in particular. He and his work was a very big part of her life and she was determined to help people discover his work. I don’t think there is anyone in our family or circle of friends who haven’t been gifted with a Jackie Chan dvd at one occasion or another. And in time she made at least some of us see what a very special movie genious Jackie Chan is.

My sister will be deeply missed by us all. In her memory I will let the blog live on because I know she would have wanted that.




Why is Jackie Chan a living legend?

For anyone who has been following Jackie Chan’s career over the years the answer is obvious. He’s the greatest martial art movie star there ever was, the world’s most innovative stuntman and stunt choreographer as well as a great actor and director. With his brilliant combination of comedy and physical skills he has changed the whole Hong Kong cinema scene forever and has set the standard for all western world produced action movies to come.

To put it simple: Jackie Chan is the real deal. And if you’re not already a Jackie Chan fan you really have some catching up to do!